Sunday, May 27, 2007

Even more new projects

More personal projects are on sight, this time a series of short stories that will conform a graphic novel or more.

At this time, 'Code:Humans' and 'The Messenger' are paused but I'm planning to finish at least 5 or 10 pages for 'Code:Humans' and use those pages to submit to different publishers.

The same thing for 'The Messenger'. It's possible that Rodrigo and me will start this project first. Time will tell.

Another new project

I've just finished the pencils of the first 5 pages for the project 'Deathmatch UK' written by Paul Holmes. The project is going to be submitted to various publishers. We'll see what happens soon.

Here's a preview of the first page, I've done the pencils, and Rodrigo Mavica the inks.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

New project: Characters

I'm working right now in a new short 8-pages story written by Travis Gibb. These are his characters.
In this process of remaking the characters in my style (they were drawn by another artist before) I take the chance to test what style works better for the characters and the story. I think I'll be using both styles (shaded and lineal) for two different stories that are narrated in the same 8 pages.
The story is part of an anthology called 'Forbidden Paradise'.
You'll be able to know more about Travis at the Orange Cone Productions myspace.